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Tales From The Casino – Radio 4

Thanks to Robert Hill for flagging up something I missed (and you might have missed) on BBC Radio 4 from the last week – Tales From The Casino. It is what you expect, a series of specially-commissioned tales about the Wigan Casino – three different people and their stories about […]

Ken Loach on YouTube

When you see a full film or show on YouTube, all too often it's there illegally and tends to be removed fairly quickly. That's not the case with the Ken Loach content. Loach has put up some of his finest work on YouTube officially, which includes the full version of […]

Mad Men Barbie dolls hit the UK

I know there are a good few fans on this site, so I suspect there might well be some interest in the Mad Men Barbie dolls, which were first spotted back in March, but are now available in the UK. Well, most of them. Right now, you can order Don […]