Five of the best: 1960s-style trainers

by Modculture 16 September, 2011

Patrick Arendal trainers

Patrick Arendal trainers

Trainers, some people love ’em, some hate them. But I’m guessing we all have a pair or two in our wardrobes. Looking for a pair of trainers with an authentic 60s-style look? Here are five options, in no particular order.

1. Patrick Arendal trainers

Patrick is a blast from the past, last seen doing big business in the 1980s, they had a steady decline and then…nothing. But the company is back with a heritage range, reissuing classic clothing and footwear. The Patrick Arendal trainers actually date from 1969, designed as a football training shoe and now offered in various colour options with full grain leather finish, padded collar and tongue, crepe rubber ripple sole and reinforced tow foxing.

You can buy a pair directly from Patrick for 80 Euros.

Patrick Website


Onitsuka Tiger Nippon 60 trainers

Onitsuka Tiger Nippon 60 trainers

2. Onitsuka Tiger Nippon 60 trainers

You’ll probably need to scour eBay for a pair of the Onitsuka Tiger Nippon 60 trainers. First seen (as the name suggests) in 1960s (for the Japanese team at the Rome Olympics), it resembles a bowling shoe, but is actually a low-cut sports shoe, complete with contrast stripe and sole plus ‘sun’ logo.

This 2007 reissue sold for £75, but disappeared almost as soon as it appeared. Saying that, a specialist Onitsuka dealer currently has some stock left for £59 – get it while you can.

Onitsuka Tiger website


Gola Harrier trainers

Gola Harrier trainers

3. Gola Harrier trainers

A cheap and cheerful classic, the Gola Harrier has been around since 1968 and is still being produced with much the same look.

Designed by Fred Dilley as an all-rounder for virtually any sport, it’s available in endless colour combinations and in both leather and suede, not to mention male and female versions. Look around for 40th anniversary versions with vintage-style boxes or just browse the full range over at Gola – £50 should secure you a pair.

Gola website


Adidas Tokio trainers

Adidas Tokio trainers

4. Adidas Tokio trainers

How do you choose just one Adidas trainer to feature? It’s pretty much impossible, so I’ll go with the one I’ve always been most drawn to – the Adidas Tokio. Shame really, as this shoe is currently out of the UK range, it was last seen in late 2008 in the white and blue version above.

For the record, it’s a running shoe that originally dates back to 1964 (held in Tokyo, if you hadn’t guessed), cutting a slim profile that’s pretty much timeless. £80 should get you a pair if you can find them – eBay is your best bet until the next reissue.

Adidas website


Walsh Bazley trainers

Walsh Bazley trainers

5. Walsh Bazley trainers

A little-known fact, but Bolton was once the trainer capital of Britain. The original home of Reebok, it’s also the home of the lesser-known, but longstanding Walsh, which specialises in running shoes, but does a heritage line too – including the Walsh Bazley trainers.

With a look of the 60s, the Bazley shoe offers a leather upper with suede detailing, along with thin matching sole and Walsh logo. If leather isn’t your thing, you can opt for a majority suede finish instead. Expect to pay around £65.

Walsh website

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