Sound Alefects – a beer for The Jam fans

Sound Alefects - a beer for The Jam fans
Sound Alefects – a beer for The Jam fans (image credit: 4Ts Brewery)
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It’s not an official collaboration and doesn’t mention the band by name. But Sound Alefects is a beer for The Jam fans.

At least, I presume it isn’t an official beer, or the band’s name and endorsement would be all over it. No, like past themed outings, this looks like it takes artwork inspired by the band and uses it for some eye-catching design for the cans.

Past themes haven’t been ‘Mod’ themed, but they have included the likes of the Stone Roses and Oasis. As you can see, this one is inspired by The Jam, a new limited edition and available to order now in limited numbers per customer. Basically, you can order up to two sets and no more as it’s likely to be a very small run, as you would expect from a small brewery.

Each set contains three cans, one for each band member and inside is a draft lager at 4%, should you be considering opening it. It goes without saying that it’s an 18 and over buy from the site too.

If you want a set, they sell for £14.50 directly from the brewery, and orders will be shipped from 12th June.

Find out more at the 4Ts Brewery website

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