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Soulboy DVD reviewed

Not been a wasted Christmas break here – I've been catching up with some review material, kicking off with Soulboy. If you missed it (not that it's likely), Soulboy is a movie based around the Wigan Casino, with an average 'Joe' (quite literally, that's his name) chasing a girl in […]

Soulboy DVD release details

If you missed it at the cinema, northern soul movie Soulboy is out on DVD very soon. How soon? Well, it's actually available to buy from 3rd January 2011. No mention of a blu-ray version, so standard DVD or nothing. As for extras, seems to be some making of Soulboy […]

SoulBoy allnighter in Stoke

We've mentioned the movie so many times in the past, it seems pointless running through all the details again. So let's just say Soulboy is a movie about the original northern soul scene and it's on general release in the UK from September 1st. But if you want to see […]

Soulboy club night in Edinburgh

Ok, some good news and bad news. First the bad news – the Soulboy movie is having a world premiere at the Edinburgh Film Festival on 19th June 2010. But sadly, it's already sold out, But there's some good news. There's another screening now scheduled for Edinburgh residents, on 26th […]