A Bout de Souffle in Manchester

by Modculture 2 December, 2009


Looking for a stylish way of spending this Sunday lunchtime? Well, if you're in Manchester, you could spend it in the company of a Jean-Luc Godard classic, A Bout de Souffle to be precise.

It's part of the Manchester Cornerhouse's fortnightly Breakfast Club, which shows cult classics, as well as offering a cooked breakfast for a reasonable price. But enough of the food, what about the movie? Well, as you might well know, it's a stylish Nouvelle Vague flick, not to mention a homage to the American gangster movie, with Jean-Paul Belmondo playing Michel, on the run from the law, helped along the way (and ultimately betrayed) by Patricia (Jean Seberg).

The date is Sunday 6th December, the time of the showing is midday.

Cornerhouse website