Chelsea Skinhead Christmas cards

by Modculture 1 December, 2009


We featured these last year, but as they're still available (and as the festive season is upon us), we thought we would give the Chelsea Skinhead and Chelsea Youth Christmas cards another mention.

Not exactly family-friendly (unless your old man was in one of the pictures), the cards are produced by London Books and offer up two designs, the Chelsea Skinheads one from 1970 – using a picture taken on a Fulham street just before the 1970 FA Cup final and the Chelsea Youth, with a picture of some kids from 1970 'somewhere in South London' – you can see that over the page.

The verses read 'Happy Christmas from the Chelsea Shed' or 'Merry Christmas from the Chelsea Youth 1970!', with the cards selling in packs of 10 for £10.

Find out more at the London Books website