eBay watch: Dansette record players

by Modculture 18 August, 2009


Yes, we know they're not hugely friendly with your rare vinyl and the sound quality isn't anywhere near your average home audio set-up, but there's still something very appealing about a vintage Dansette record player.

Prices on eBay vary from a few quid to over £200 for a mint and restored model. It's pretty much down to looks and condition where any model lands on that spectrum. The 1960s model above stands out a little from the crowd thanks to that colourful interior and polished surface and also offers a Monarch deck, four speeds plus treble and bass controls. Reasonable (if not perfect) condition too.

Right now it's selling for a reasonable £4.59, a price that's sure to rise before auction end. If you miss out on that, search for others, there are plenty available.

Dansette record player listing on eBay

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