Keb Darge/Paul Weller album reviewed

by Modculture 2 March, 2010


A bit late on the job (nothing changed there then), we've finally got a review onlne of the Keb Darge and Paul Weller compilation Lost & Found: Real R&B And Soul.

28 tracks on total,  15 for Darge, 13 for Weller, covering everything from bluesy R&B from the early 1950s through to northern soul grooves of the late 60s into the early 70s.

It's out now on the BBE label, but feel free to check out our review before you splash the cash.

Lost & Found: Real R&B And Soul reviewed

  • boogaloo tramp

    Good review. Paul Wellers selections all sound ok (which surprised me) if a little predictable. I think the comp would be better if it was done by Andy Smith (Keb’s DJ partner at club night Lost and Found which I assume this comp is named after), but obviously his name doesn’t have the same draw. There again it would be a bit better if I did it, then I would say that wouldn’t I… 😉