Men's File magazine

by Modculture 8 February, 2010


It's hard to find a decent style read these days, especially from your local high street newsagent, but Men's File might just be up your street.

It's all about classic, which, in terms of issue 2, means everything from hot rods, ton-up boys and skateboarding, through to cricket, Burlesque girls, architecture and design, throwing in plenty of snippets about tasty gear and clobber along the way. Steve McQueen motorbike helmet anyone? You'll find out where to buy one here amongst many other great finds.

Don't take my word for it, you can virtually flick through the latest issue at the magazine's website. If you like what you see, Men's File sells from retailers across the UK and online for £4.95. A list of outlets is available at the website.

Find out more at the Men's File website