New band: Nathan Persad

by Modculture 10 March, 2008

1960s beat is not exactly the most fashionable of genres right now, but one man is keeping the ideal alive: Nathan Persad.Nathan

The one time member of The Fore has been writing furiously since he went solo a year or so ago, and has now had time to record his first ‘proper’ solo album, Nathan Persad: Since 1978. Heavily influenced by The Move, Dave Clark Five, The Hollies, The Searchers, The Beach Boys and similar artists, the singing drummer from south-east London loves a harmony vocal and deliriously upbeat dancing songs. Clean Up My Act and Gemini would grace any early Beatles album with pride.

The lyrics to Too Late perfectly encapsulate Persad’s world view:

I was born in ’78/They had Jimi Hendrix, Marvin Gaye and Cream/Interesting clothes and the swinging London scene/I don’t remember Tiswas, I just make do with Cliff/I wish I saw The Beatles live before they had their hits/If I only came to be a little bit more soon/I could have seen The Who onstage when they still had Keith Moon.

And which of us hasn’t felt like that on occasion? If any further proof of his unique genius was needed we shall point to the fact that he has written a song called I Love Deptford.

Nathan Persad: Since 1978 will be release in mid May on the Mile High Music label. For more on Nathan see his Myspace profile here.