Paul Weller night on BBC4

by Modculture 8 November, 2008

BBC4 keeps its series of music going for Friday nights with an evening devoted to Paul Weller on Friday November 14th.

Sadly, Paul Weller night isn’t quite as good as you might imagine, but it’s still worth watching. First up is BBC Four Sessions, which is a BBC recording around the 22 Dreams, along with some classics from the solo and Jam era. Special guests too, including the likes of Eliza Carthy, Graham Coxon and Oasis guitarist Gem Archer.

Following that is the 2006 movie Into Tomorrow, a documentary covering Weller’s 30-year career. Many will have it on DVD already. If you’ve not – here it is. It’s followed by the New Avengers and The Avengers – not Weller, but great TV.

Find out more at the BBC4 website