Pretty Things 1969 album released

by Modculture 14 January, 2009

In 1969 The Pretty Things recorded an album that was never commerically released, but that has all changed now thanks to Ugly Things Records.Pretties-PJB

After SF Sorrow was released in 1968 the band went through some upheaval, with guitarist Dick Taylor and drummer Twink departing. Enter Phillipe Debarge; French playboy, wannabe singer and Pretty Things obsessive. He asked them if he could record an album with them if he foot the bill. The band duly obliged, decamping to Nova Studios in London to experiment with the latest studio effects in order to produce their most psychedelic work.

Acetates were passed around the band and Debarge's social circle and that was that. But now in 2009 the album has been made officially available as a limited edition deluxe vinyl set. Just 1000 have been pressed, containing inserts and full liner notes by Mike Stax and cover art by Phil Smee. Copies of Phillipe Debarge cost $30 plus shipping. Visit here to order yours. The CD version is due out next month.