Review: Pete Walker at the NFT

by Modculture 6 April, 2009


If you haven't heard the name Pete Walker before, you've missed out.

Britain's foremost cult/exploitation director, he's responsible for such 60s and 70s gems as ‘Strip Poker’, ‘Man of Violence’, 'Cool It Carol' and ‘The Flesh & Blood Show’, as well his more famed horror output like 'Comeback', 'House of Mortal Sin and the two films shown recently at the NFT – 'Frightmare' and 'House of the Long Shadows'.

The Scenester went along and has reviewed the films, as well as the Q&A with the director over at Cinedelica. Follow the link below to read about the night – especially if you've never seen a Pete Walker film.

Read the Pete Walker at the NFT review at Cinedelica