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Odds & Sods: An exhibition of the 1980s mod scene by Paul Hallam in London

by Modculture 2 September, 2016

We mentioned a Brighton showcase recently, but that has now moved onto London for the Odds & Sods photo exhibition. Continue Reading

Coming soon: Jazz Festival: Jim Marshall (Reel Art Press)

by Modculture 1 September, 2016

If you see the name Graham Marsh attached to something, there’s every chance that it is a stylish piece of work. With that in mind, we have high hopes for  Jazz Festival: Jim Marshall, which is heading your way via Reel Art Press. Continue Reading

Coming soon: The Jam – Start! Again by Neil Allen

by Modculture 10 August, 2016

If you love The Jam – and as you’re reading this site there’s a good chance you do – then you might want to pick up The Jam – Start! Again by Neil Allen. Continue Reading

On TV: 1966 – 50 Years Ago Today heads to BBC4

by Modculture 21 July, 2016

One to look out for this weekend – or at the very least record. That’s 1966 – 50 Years Ago Today on BBC4. Continue Reading

The Who: In The City – Every Show, Every London Venue Played 1963 – 2016 by Ian Snowball (New Haven Publishing)

by Modculture 19 July, 2016

Well, Ian Snowball is certainly prolific. Not content with producing Keith Moon: There Is No Substitute, he has now got The Who: In The City ready for launch too. Continue Reading

New book: Buttoned Down – My Life With Ben And Beyond by Daphne Sherman and Terry Rawlings

by Modculture 13 July, 2016

Thanks to Jason Brummell for putting me onto Buttoned Down – My Life With Ben And Beyond by Daphne Sherman and Terry Rawlings, which will be available though Substitute Publishing and will definitely be of interest to a mod audience. Continue Reading

Coming soon: Punks On Scooters – The Bristol Mod Revival 1979 – 1985

by Modculture 12 July, 2016

It isn’t actually out until October and as yet, there doesn’t seem to be anywhere to pre-order it. But it’s still worth flagging up Punks On Scooters – The Bristol Mod Revival 1979 – 1985 by Michael W Salter. Continue Reading

Paul Hallam Odds & Sods book signing at the Photographers’ Gallery, London

by Modculture 24 June, 2016

We have mentioned the book before, but if you want a signed copy, get yourself over to the Photographers’ Gallery in London tomorrow (25th June 2016), where Paul Hallam will be signing his Odds & Sods book. Continue Reading

New mod fiction: East of Acton by Roger Marriott

by Modculture 17 June, 2016

Paul Hallam’s Old Dog Books is certainly prolific right now, with new titles seemingly landing every month. The latest is one definitely of mod interest – East of Acton by Roger Marriott. Continue Reading

Keith Moon book launch at The Baracuta Store in London

by Modculture 9 June, 2016

I’m guessing you know all about Keith Moon: There is No Substitute by Ian Snowball by now, but if you don’t, please check out our article on it. If you want to get your hands on one first, you can always get yourself down to the official book launch. Continue Reading