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A Little Mixed Up mod alldayer


We mentioned the A Little Mixed Up mod alldayer way back in July. If you missed it (or possibly forgot), you might want to be reminded that it takes place this Saturday, November 28th with seven live bands and top-notch DJ support..

Appearing live will be The Five Aces, Les Bof!, Modus, The Bottleneckers, The Laynes, Berry Tweed and The Chasers and The Goldenhour, with the Friday Street DJs in support and running a club night to finish.

The venue is the Winchester Club, Bell Street, Glasgow and it all takes place from 5pm, with a club night running after, from 11:30pm until around 3am.Tickets are £10 and if you can't get one around Glasgow ahead of the event, organiser Jennie Baillie is doing online ticket sales. For more about that or indeed anything to do with the day/night, drop her a line at [email protected].

Double Breasted mod fanzine and alldayer details at MySpace

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