Amsterdam BeatClub festival

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Fancy a weekend in Amsterdam? You should make sure it matches up with the Amsterdam BeatClub festival.

That date is the 22nd May 2010 at OT 301, Overtoom 301, Amsterdam (Netherlands), where your 15 Euro admission fee will get you entertainment from 8pm until 3am over three rooms, including DJs, gogo dancers, mad visuals and five bands:

Sheetah et les Weissmuller (French YéYé/Psych/Garage)
WestHell 5 (Crime and Mod-Jazz)
Los Tiki Boys (Surf/Exotica)
The Mieters (Nederbiet)
The Skywalkers (Freakbeat)

Check out the website for all the details and to buy tickets.

Amsterdam BeatClub website

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