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Antonioni's Blow-Up book incoming

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Seems to be a lot of Blow-Up stuff around right now. Yesterday we spotted a Blow-Up print and today we've noticed a forthcoming book – Antonioni's Blow-Up by Philippe Garner and David Alan Mellor, which is published by Steidl.

It's described as 'a fresh and stimulating study of Antonioni's masterpiece', re-telling the story through stills and the original blow-ups, throwing in some analytical essays by the authors on the tale of fashionable photographers and models, as well as looking at the reference points that Antonioni used in the movie.

All of that might be hard work for casual observers, but if you've got a thing for the film, it's probably an essential read. A 113-page hardback book, it's available for an art book price of £33.15 – which is actually discounted from the RRP.

Find out more at the Amazon website

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  1. Arkadi de Rakoff

    This is a blast from the past. I actually worked on that film for close on six months. I was in the sound department (sound camera operator) It was only my second feature film and THE most fantastic experiences for a young 23 year old lad living the dream of swinging sixties London. I subsequently worked on 2 more film with David Hemmings (Best House in London and Alfred The Great) – both eminently forgettable. I think if you see the end titles at the end of Blow Up my name (Arkadi de Rakoff) should appear in the  technical credits. The Chief sound engineer on the film Robin Gregory went of to an Oscar in later years for his work.

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