Black Friday deal: Eddie Piller Presents British Mod Sounds of The 1960s Volume 2

Black Friday deal: Eddie Piller Presents British Mod Sounds of The 1960s Volume 2
Black Friday deal: Eddie Piller Presents British Mod Sounds of The 1960s Volume 2 (image credit: Demon)
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If you missed out on Eddie Piller Presents British Mod Sounds of The 1960s Volume 2, you can pick up a discounted vinyl set for Black Friday.

The set landed last year on CD and vinyl and proved popular, just like the first one.

The second edition wasn’t just more of the same – it was a follow-up box, pitched as a ‘deep dive into the post-Mod scene in ’60s Britain’ from early ’65 to the dawn of a new decade. It’s what Mods did next if you like.

The British Mod bands from the first half of the decade were largely still around but had moved on from re-hashing American R&B and, for many, becoming a little more experimental, drifting into what we now call freakbeat and later psychedelic sounds.

So volume 2 tracks the development of the original Mod mainstays (the Small Faces, The Who, The Action, The Kinks), with a generous selection of future superstars (David Bowie, Marc Bolan, Fleetwood Mac, Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin and Steve Howe of Yes are all represented here), alongside a few artists so obscure, so rare, that they never got to release a record in the ’60s. But here they are in 2023.

Black Friday deal: Eddie Piller Presents British Mod Sounds of The 1960s Volume 2
(image credit: Demon)

The CD is still around, but the vinyl set and, specifically, the coloured vinyl set are discounted for Black Friday. So, if you want to treat yourself and you didn’t get around to buying it a year or so back, here it is. The track listings are below, and the price is down from £92.02 to £78.22 for the 6-album set. Still not cheap, but you do get a lot for your money.

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Disc: 1
1 Get Yourself Home – The Fairies
2 No Good Without You Baby – The Birds
3 Call Again – The Poets
4 You’ve Got What I Want – The Sorrows
5 When the Night Falls – The Eyes
6 Unto Us – The New Breed
7 I Take It We’re Through – The Riot Squad
8 Scratch My Back – Jan Panter
9 Save My Soul – The Wimple Winch
10 Taxman – Loose Ends
11 My World Fell Down – The Ivy League
12 Happenings Ten Years Time Ago – The Yardbirds
13 Mud in Your Eye – Fleur De Lys
14 Hey Gyp (Dig the Slowness) – The Truth
15 Tic Toc – Scot of St James
16 I’m Not Your Stepping Stone – The Flies
17 Disturbance – The Move
18 I Must Be Mad – The Craig

Disc: 2
1 Day and Night – The Drag Set
2 Tell Me (Have You Ever Seen Me) – Apostolic Intervention
3 The Gospel According to Tony Day – David Bowie
4 My White Bicycle – Tomorrow
5 Midsummer Night’s Scene – John’s Children
6 Baby Your Phrasing Is Bad – Caleb
7 Created By Clive – The Attack
8 Come On Down to My Boat Baby – The Gods
9 The Sunday Song – Alex Harvey
10 Excerpt from a Teenage Opera – Keith West
11 Encapsulated Marigold – Our Plastic Dream
12 In My Dream – The Action
13 Madman Running Through the Fields – Dantalian’s Chariot
14 Flight from Ashiya – Kaleidoscope
15 Listen to the Sky – Sands
16 Michael Angelo – The 23rd Turnoff

Disc: 3
1 Listen to Mary Cry – The Fairytale
2 Meditations – Felius Andromeda
3 Anniversary of Love – Ice
4 Dream On My Mind – Rupert’s People
5 Red Sky at Night – The Accent
6 Life Is Just Beginning – The Creation
7 I Can See for Miles – The Who
8 Rambling Pony – Fleetwood Mac
9 Matrimonial Fears – The Cymbaline
10 Vacuum Cleaner – Tintern Abbey
11 Coloured Rain – Traffic
12 It’s Been a Long Time – Andy Ellison
13 Garden of My Mind – The Mickey Finn
14 Nite-is-a-comin’ – Warm Sounds
15 (He’s Our Dear Old) Weatherman – Mark Wirtz

Disc: 4
1 Children of Tomorrow – Mike Stuart Span
2 Rainbow Chaser – Nirvana
3 Moonshine – The Spencer Davis Group
4 Shades of Orange – The End
5 Father’s Name Is Dad – The Fire
6 Tales of Flossie Fillett – Turquoise
7 London Social Degree – Billy Nicholls
8 10,000 Words in a Cardboard Box – Aquarian Age
9 A Step in the Right Direction – The Montanas
10 Pictures of Matchstick Men – Status Quo
11 The Morning Sunshine – The Idle Race
12 Dandelion Seeds – July
13 See Through Windows – Family
14 The Devil Rides Out – Icarus
15 Your Way to Tell Me Go – Plastic Penny
16 Hey You – Paul West & Compass

Disc: 5
1 8 1/2 Hours of Paradise – The Elastic Band
2 Floatin’ – Vamp
3 Escalator – Sam Gopal
4 Groovin’ Slow – Sound Barrier
5 Buffalo Billycan – Apple
6 Gone Is the Sad Man – Timebox
7 Evil Woman – The Troggs
8 The Cooks of Cake and Kindness – The Californians
9 Rock My Plimsoll – Ossie Layne Show
10 Barricades – The Koobas
11 Mr Armageddon – Locomotive
12 Love Is the Law – Graham Bond
13 Children of the Sun – The Misunderstood
14 Me, You and Us Too – Small Faces
15 Superlungs My Supergirl – Terry Reid

Disc: 6
1 I’m Alone Today – The Fruit Machine
2 Flesh Failures (Let the Sunshine In) [feat. Julie Driscoll] – Brian Auger
3 Black Mass – Jason Crest
4 Magic Potion – The Open Mind
5 Diamond Joe – Quiet Melon
6 Wrist Job – Humble Pie
7 Same Way from the Sun – Mighty Baby
8 Elegy – Colosseum
9 This Time Tomorrow – The Kinks
10 My Fixation (Edit) – Satisfaction
11 Song for the Bearded Lady – Nucleus

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