Buy a Keith Moon drum kit


Ever fancied yourself battering a drum kit like Keith Moon? Well, now you need dream no more – Premier has reissued a limited edition ‘Spirit of Lily’ drumset in tribute to the legendary "Pictures of Lily" kit made by the company for Keith Moon in the 60s.

The original kit has been painstakingly researched to ensure absolute authenticity of the new kit.  The ‘Spirit of Lily’ drumset features Premier Series Birch drums with authentic replica artwork finish with Premier Series lugs, fittings and die-cast hoops.  The set up matches the original 8-piece setup and is made up of:

14" x 8" Mounted Toms x 3
16" x 16" Floor Toms x 2
22" x 14" Bass drums x 2
14" x 5.5" Steel Snare Drum

Each kit comes complete with accompanying Collector’s Edition colour booklet.

It’s a limited edition, available for just 14 months (one for each year that Moon worked with Premier) and judging by prices we’ve found online, will cost you between £4,000 and £4,500.

More details and pictures from the Premier website

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