Dead 60s Harrington jacket

After the success of the Paul Weller range of Fred Perry gear, it’s no surprise to see the company pushing more music tie-ins. And the latest one has just been announced – the Dead 60s limited edition Fred Perry Harrington jacket. Like the Weller polo shirt, this is very limited […]

Lambretta's Who clothing – pictures

We mentioned a few weeks back that Lambretta Clothing was issuing an officially-sanctioned range of Who Clothing. Well, that clothing hits the shops in September – and we have images of some of the replica pieces. There were initially two ranges – Tribute and Iconic – but these have now […]

ABC of Men’s Fashion reissued

First issued in 1964, long out of print and sought after by just about everyone with an interest in classic/vintage fashion and style, The ABC of Men’s Fashion by Hardy Amies is finally scheduled for a reissue in the coming weeks. It’s re-appearance is down to the V&A, which is […]

Simon Carter Target cufflinks

I noticed recently that Simon Carter is now doing a fashion line that’s very late 60s influenced, but he’s still probably best know for his cufflinks and watches. Indeed, if you’re after that old favourite – the Target Cufflinks – he’s got a pair on sale right now. Just as […]

Aertex Ben Sherman-style shirts

We have previously mentioned the Aertex range of polo shirts (including that Weller-related top), but new in is a range of Ben Sherman-style shirts – although they’re obviously not called that. From the photos on the website, it’s clear they’re pitching them to a mod and skin-friendly market. But what […]

Ben Sherman limited bowling shoes

Target alert! Yes, another limited edition product from Ben Sherman, producing an "authentic style" bowling shoe (which always seem to be in demand by someone) – then being unable to resist slapping a target on the side. If that appeals to you, these are limited to just 700 pairs each […]

Aertex Paul Weller polo shirt

Yet more Paul Weller-related clothing, although this is claimed to be a replica as opposed to being endorsed. According to Aertex, this Axe polo shirt is a special edition replica of the polo worn by Paul Weller on the cover of The Jam’s Beat Surrender. Now I thought that cover […]

Paul Weller talks shirts

Following on from the launch of the Paul Weller-designed Ben Sherman shirts, Paul Weller is in the Mail On Sunday today, discussing the shirt, other Weller-designed fashion (with Hudson and Fred Perry) and a few other bits and pieces. And because the Mail has a decent (and updated) website, you […]