Updated: The Small Faces Here Come The Nice Immediate Years Box Set 1967 – 1969

The Small Faces Here Come The Nice Immediate Years Box Set 1967 – 1969
The Small Faces Here Come The Nice Immediate Years Box Set 1967 – 1969
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If you were hoping for The Small Faces Here Come The Nice Immediate Years Box Set 1967 – 1969 for Christmas, you’ll be disappointed, as the Charly box set has been put back until 2014. But on the plus side, we now have a nice picture and a promo video for it.

We had a brief rundown of what was in the box previously, but now we have all the details of a set limited to just 3,000 copies worldwide.


Hardbound coffee table book
Forward by Pete Townshend.
Introduction by Kenney & Mac.
72-pages lavishly illustrated. Over 90 classic, rare & previously unpublished photos & memorabilia.
Definitive sleeve notes include new and archive interviews.
Newly written contributions from Robert Plant, Paul Weller, David Bowie, Nick Mason, Peter Frampton, Chris Robinson (The Black Crowes), Glen Matlock (Sex Pistols), Chad Smith (Red Hot Chilli Peppers), Paul Stanley (Kiss) and many more.
Exclusive Gered Mankowitz interview on photographing ‘Ogdens’ Nut Gone Flake’.
Track-by-track illustrated guide to every song on the boxset.

Lyric booklet
64-page fully illustrated song booklet with rare photos and memorabilia.
Complete lyrics transcribed and endorsed by band members for the first time ever.

Red, white and blue coloured vinyl
Three replica 7-inch EPs of the rarest Small Faces vinyl originally released in 1967:
Small Faces album sampler – excerpts from the Small Faces LP
‘Here Come The Nice’ 4-song French EP in picture sleeve
‘Itchycoo Park’ 4-song French EP in picture sleeve

Replica studio acetate
Olympic Sound Studios one-off acetate pressing for Andrew Loog-Oldham of ‘Mystery…’
Two large posters
Reproducing original posters for:
‘Tin Soldier’ single featuring photography by Gered Mankowitz
Newcastle City Hall live concert from 1968

Press kit for Ogdens’ Nut Gone Flake
Rare 6-panel Immediate Records Press Kit from 1968.

Double-sided postcards
Five collector’s edition postcards with rare photos of each Small Faces band member backed with memorabilia from the Immediate Records Archive.

Fine art prints
Two beautiful prints provided by Gered Mankowitz from his 1967 ‘Itchycoo Park’ photo sessions.

Signed by Kenney and Mac
Newly signed certificates replicating an original Olympic Sound Studios Small Faces tape box

All the music:

CD1 – Small Faces Singles Worldwide As, Bs and EPs

1 Here Come The Nice (mono) 2:55
2 Talk To You (mono) 2:05
3 (Tell Me) Have You Ever Seen Me (mono) 2:15
4 Something I Want To Tell You (mono) 2:07
5 Get Yourself Together (mono) 2:16
6 Become Like You (mono) 1:56
7 Green Circles (mono) 2:32
8 Eddie’s Dreaming (b-side edit) (mono) 2:41
9 Itchycoo Park (mono) 2:44
10 I’m Only Dreaming (mono) 2:22
11 Tin Soldier (mono) 3:19
12 I Feel Much Better (mono) 3:55
13 Lazy Sunday (mono) 3:02
14 Rollin’ Over (Part II of Happiness Stan) (mono) 2:12
15 Mad John (single version) (mono) 2:07
16 The Journey (single version) (mono) 2:51
17 The Universal (mono) 2:42
18 Donkey Rides, A Penny A Glass (mono) 2:47
19 Afterglow Of Your Love (single version) (mono) 3:22
20 Wham Bam Thank You Mam (mono) 3:18

Original Immediate single versions.
Taken from original mono master tapes.

CD2 – Small Faces In The Studio, Olympic. IBC and Trident Sessions part one

1 Shades Of Green (mono) 0:38
2 Green Circles (take 1) (mono) 1:04
3 Green Circles (take 1 alt mix 1) (mono) 2:45
4 Anything (tracking session) (stereo) 3:46
5 Anything (backing track) (stereo) 3:06
6 Show Me The Way (stripped down mix) (stereo) 2:09
7 Wit Art Yer (tracking session) (mono) 2:50
8 Wit Art Yer (backing track) (stereo) 2:27
9 I Can’t Make It (alt mix) (stereo) 2:26
10 Doolally (tracking session) (mono) 4:06
11 What’s It Called? (overdub session) (mono) 0:36
12 Call It Something Nice (take 9) (stereo) 2:04
13 Wide Eyed Girl (take 2) (stereo) 1:43
14 Wide Eyed Girl On The Wall (alt mix) (stereo) 3:28
15 Donkey Rides, A Penny A Glass (stripped down mix) (stereo) 3:21
16 Red Balloon With A Blue Surprise (take 5) (stereo) 0:46
17 Red Balloon (alt mix) (stereo) 4:29
18 Saieide Mamoon (tracking session) (stereo) 9:36

All tracks previously unreleased versions.
Taken from original studio multitrack and session master tapes

CD3 – Small Faces In The Studio, Olympic, IBC and Trident Sessions part two

1 Wham Bam Thank You Mam (alt mix) (stereo) 3:22
2 I Can’t Make It (stripped down mix) (stereo) 2:33
3 This Feeling Of Spring (take 1) (stereo) 1:43
4 All Our Yesterdays (backing track) (mono) 2:09
5 Talk To You (alt mix) (stereo) 2:22
6 Mind The Doors Please (mono) 5:01
7 Things Are Going To Get Better (stripped down mix) (stereo) 2:43
8 Mad John (tracking session) (stereo) 3:58
9 A Collibosher (take 4) (stereo) 3:31
10 Lazy Sunday Afternoon (early mix) (mono) 3:00
11 Jack (backing track) (stereo) 3:35
12 Fred (backing track) (stereo) 3:06
13 Red Balloon (stripped down mix) (stereo) 1:33
14 Kolomodelomo (take 1) (stereo) 2:45
15 Donkey Rides, A Penny A Glass (alt mix) (stereo) 3:34
16 Jenny’s Song (take 2) (stereo) 4:04

All tracks previously unreleased versions.
Taken from original studio multitrack and session master tapes

CD4 – Alternate Small Faces Out-Takes and In Concert

1 Itchycoo Park (take 1 stereo mix) (stereo) 2:50
2 Here Come The Nice (take 1 stereo mix) (stereo) 3:01
3 I’m Only Dreaming (take 1 stereo mix) (stereo) 2:23
4 Don’t Burst My Bubble (mono) 2:24
5 I Feel Much Better (stereo) 3:56
6 Green Circles (take 1 Italian version) (mono) 2:44*
7 Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow (alt mix) (stereo) 1:50*
8 Piccanniny (alt mix) (stereo) 3:02
9 Get Yourself Together (alt mix) (stereo) 2:18*
10 Eddie’s Dreaming (take 2 alt mix) (stereo) 2:44*
11 (Tell Me) Have You Ever Seen Me (take 2 alt mix) (stereo) 2:08*
12 Up The Wooden Hills To Bedfordshire (US alt mix) (mono) 2:00*
13 Afterglow Of Your Love (alt single version) (mono) 3:36*
14 (If You Think You’re) Groovy (mono) 2:55
(The Lot – P.P. Arnold & Small Faces)
15 Me You And Us Too (mono) 3:32
16 The Universal (take 1 stereo mix) (stereo) 2:39
17 Rollin’ Over (live) (stereo) 2:29
18 If I Were A Carpenter (live) (stereo) 2:29
19 Every Little Bit Hurts (live) (stereo) 6:12
20 All Or Nothing (live) (stereo) 4:05
21 Tin Soldier (live) (stereo) 3:19

All tracks rare or * previously unreleased versions.
Taken from original studio and session master tapes.

Live tracks recorded at Newcastle City Hall 18 November 1968.
Taken from Pye Studios master tape, pitch and speed corrected.

Small Faces Box Set Vinyl
Small Faces Album Sampler
One Sided Single Promo
Excerpts from the Small Faces L.P. (mono)

The original 7-inch vinyl was issued as a promotional single for the debut Immediate album. Featuring excepts from ‘Get Yourself Together’, ‘Green Circles’, ‘Talk To You’, ‘All Our Yesterdays’, ‘Up The Wooden Hills To Bedfordshire’ with DJ Tommy Vance announcements, the original vinyl has gone on to become the rarest Small Faces single amongst collectors.

Here Come The Nice French EP
This is the same performance as the regular ‘Here Come The Nice’ mixed to mono but similar to other releases at the time, was subjected to varispeed so plays slightly faster.
Here Come The Nice (mono)
Talk To You (mono)
Become Like You (mono)
Get Yourself Together (mono)

Itchycoo Park French EP
Itchycoo Park (mono)
I’m Only Dream (mono)
Green Circles (mono)
Eddie’s Dreaming (mono)

Replica Acetate
As this was intended to be a single, a handful of acetates were produced for the band and Andrew Loog Oldham to check the mix. For whatever reason, the single never happened and Ronnie went back into Olympic to record a new vocal during April 1967 for the newly entitled ‘Something I Want To Tell You’. This is a replica of the acetate delivered to Andrew Loog Oldham back in 1967.

So that’s everything, apart from the release date of 2014. If you want one, you might want to keep checking for one of the 3,000 or more likely, keep an eye on the Charly website, which might take pre-orders nearer the time. Originally it was said that most of the stock would be offered outside the UK, but we hope some will be offered over here.

One last thing, check out a promo video below.

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