Crombie sale now on – big discounts


Fancy an authentic Crombie overcoat? Or maybe something else from the range? Well, you're in luck – the online sale is now on, with big discounts across most products.

That obviously means those classic overcoats, along with shorts, ties, knitwear, accessories and much more. But we've picked out the Military Coat above. It's based on an original 1960s Crombie RAF coat and is made from British wool with a slim-fitting cut and that six-button, double breasted front.

Originally just under £700, it now sells for £395. See this and all the other discounts at the online store.

Crombie sale online


  1. Great feature….
    Very sorry to inform you.(Who dared to “pos-It”?). For starters, It’s “double Breasted… You really know nothing!! This is NOT, Repeat, Not a Crombie.

  2. David Walker

    I don’t think you’re reading it right. Crombie ‘the company’, not the style of coat. It is made and sold by Crombie, of that, there is no doubt.

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