Die Hard Mod by Charlie McQuaker


Books seem to be coming thick and fast right now, my bedside pile is at high as the bed – with Die Hard Mod by Charlie McQuaker about to increase the pile by a further few inches.

This was mentioned on the forums yesterday, so I got in touch with publisher Pulp Press, who told us it was due on the shelves on 27th April 2010, although you can pre-order right now. The book itself? Well, it comes with an aged sleeve that holds some good old fashioned pulp fiction…

'One perfect summer, Steve the Mod got his kicks with the beautiful but wild Jeanie – now life's just giving him a right good kicking…

Set in the troubled back streets of Belfast and the thrill-seeking underworld of Brighton, Die Hard Mod is a fast-paced tale of lust, love, friendship and righteous retribution.'

All of that for £5.99. Look out for a review soon.

Pre-order the book at the Amazon website

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  1. A great yarn – hoping there’s more to come –

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