Do It All Night! – The Sound of Tardam Records

Do It All Night! - The Sound of Tardam Records
Do It All Night! – The Sound of Tardam Records
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An interesting compilation coming up on Acid Jazz – Do It All Night! – The Sound of Tardam Records.

Never heard of Tardam Records? I’ll be honest, I’ve only heard the odd tracks, but a bit of digging indicates this should be a worthwhile purchase.

The Tardam label was born out of a collaboration between the Southern Italian City of Taranto at the top of the Puglian isthmus and Amsterdam, the far more northerly metropolis.

The label was founded in 2014 by DJ Goffredo Santovito and musicians Fabrizio Carrieri and Mikel Van Der Meulen. They were passionately motivated to release the music of a select set of European groups that were capturing a new sound in retro soul and R&B. Modern bands, vintage soul sound. Some original and some reworks of classic vintage grooves.

Over the next four years, they released nine singles from groups including the Mighty Typhoons, The Spinshots, The Ska related Uppertones and the raw R&B sound of the Working Voodoo Club, many of which have been picked up on the dance floor.

If you want an idea of what it sounds like, there are plenty of videos on YouTube showcasing past releases. Always nice to try before you buy.

If you decide to buy, Acid Jazz has worked with Tardam to compile some of the best cuts on a single album, finished off nicely with a midcentury modern illustration by Dutch illustrator Emanuel Wiemans for the sleeve.

A nice thing. Available on LP from 3rd February 2023, you can pre-order now from the Acid Jazz Shop. £23 gets you one.

Some past Tardam label releases are also available on Amazon.


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