James Taylor Quartet – Money Spyder clear vinyl reissue

James Taylor Quartet - Money Spyder clear vinyl reissue
James Taylor Quartet – Money Spyder clear vinyl reissue (image credit: Acid Jazz)
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Another hard-to-find LP makes its way back to the record store racks. This James Taylor Quartet – Money Spyder clear vinyl reissue.

It’s part of a sequence of staggered releases from the Acid Jazz label celebrating both the label’s 35th anniversary and key releases from that period. Some on lesser-seen vinyl. Like this one.

This was an early release on the precursor to Acid Jazz, Re-Elect The President, back in 1987. Reissued again by Acid Jazz itself in 1993. If you have the Eddie Piller autobiography (and you should) you’ll get an interesting insight into how the JTQ came into being and became one of the calling cards of the emerging Acid Jazz movement.

The album was pitched as a soundtrack to a film that never was. And as I said above, it was an early statement of what Acid Jazz was and would be about. In this case, heavy, organ-driven instrumentals from Hammond maestro James Taylor and his quartet. A retro sound then, and perhaps because of that, it is an album that hasn’t really aged.

This release is a limited edition clear vinyl LP and is available to pre-order now directly from the label. It lands on 27th October and sells for £23. Tracks below.

Find out more at the Acid Jazz website


1. The Money Spyder
2. One Way Street
3. Car Chase
4. The Spiral Staircase
5. Mr. Cool’s Dream
6. A Real Mean Time
7. The Onion Club
8. The Stroll
9. ‘Los Cuevos Pablo’
10. Midnight Stump (The New Rumba)
11. Buzy Bee
12. In The Park

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