Looking Back mod CD boxset

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Just spotted this on the new release schedules – Looking Back: 80 Mod, Freakbeat and Swinging London Nuggets, which is released by RPM and available to pre-order now.

The release date is down for 21st November 2011. I’ll quote exactly what information I have on it:

A mammoth eighty-track compendium of the finest (mostly) British Mod sounds of the 60s, housed in a Clambox with a 48-page booklet. Looking Back boasts a smattering of previously unissued gems from the likes of A Wild Uncertainty, Tony Rivers and The Castaways, The Thoughts, The Trekkas and The Knave. many tracks are new to CD, including nuggets from the Lloyd Alexander Real Estate (who later became Audience), and soul obscurities from Maynell Wilson, Hoagy Benson and Watson T. Brown & Explosive. Looking Back is compiled and annotated by Paul Weller biographer and long-time Mod observer John Reed and designed by Andy Morten (Shindig magazine).

Want a tracklisting, that’s below if you want the detail. If you want to pre-order, £19.43 is the advance price.

Find out more about the CD boxset at the Amazon website


Disc: 1
1. The Spencer Davis Group – Looking Back
2. The Arthur Brown Set – Don’t Tell Me
3. The Untamed – It’s Not True
4. The Syndicats – Crawdaddy Simone
5. The Bats – On The Waterfront
6. John Lee’s Groundhogs – I’ll Never Fall In Love Again
7. Lloyd Alexander Real Estate – Watcha’ Gonna Do (When Your Baby Leaves You)
8. The In Crowd – Things She Says
9. Lindsay Muir’s Untamed – Daddy Long Legs
10. The Rockin’ Vickers – I Don’t Need Your Kind
11. The Midnights – Show Me Around
12. The Other Side – Out My Light
13. The Tribe – Gamma Goochie
14. Ray Singer – Ah Oop
15. Mood Mosaic – Bond Street Pm
16. Laurel Aitken – Bongo Jerk
17. The Others – Oh Yeah
18. Ray Hoff & The Offbeats – My Good Friend Mary Jane
19. The Ministry Of Sound – Mary Mary
20. The Trekkas – Please Go
21. The Alleykatz – The Friendly Undertaker
22. Tommy Bruce – Can Your Monkey Do The Dog
23. The Couriers – Done Me Wrong
24. The Quiet Five – Tomorrow I’ll Be Gone
25. A Wild Uncertainty – Broken Truth
26. The Thoughts – Call Me Girl (Previously Unissued)
27. Earl Preston’s Realms – Daddy Rolling Stone (Live)

Disc: 2
1. Soul Purpose – Hip Huggin’ Mini
2. The Brothers Grimm – Looky, Looky
3. J.J. Jackson – Come See Me
4. The Arthur Brown Set – Baby You Know What You’re Doing
5. Lloyd Alexander Real Estate – Gonna Live Again
6. The Mirage – You Can’t Be Serious
7. Laurel Aitken & The Soulmen – Last Night
8. The Knave – Ace Of Clubs (Previously Unissued)
9. Fadin’ Colours – (Just Like) Romeo & Juliet
10. Glenn Ingram – I’ll Be Doggone
11. Tony Rivers & The Castaways – Can’t Make It Without You Baby
12. A Wild Uncertainty – La La La Lies (Previously Unissued)
13. The Mike Stuart Span -Workout
14. The Spencer Davis Group – Every Little Thing
15. The Couriers – Take Away
16. Bobby Johnson & The Atoms – Tramp
17. The Corduroys – Too Much Of A Woman
18. Maynell Wilson – Motown Feeling
19. Watson T. Brown & The Explosive – I Close My Eyes
20. Ram John Holder- Yes I Do
21. Hoagy Benson – Kangaroo
22. John Lee’s Groundhogs – Over You Baby
23. The In Crowd – Stop Wait A Minute
24. The Trekkas – We Got A Good Thing Going (Previously Unissued)
25. The Valentines – Love Makes Sweet Music
26. The Sorrows – Ypotron
27. John’s Children- But She’s Mine

Disc: 3
1. Kris Ife – Hush
2. Watson T. Brown & Explosive – Crying All Night
3. Stu James & The Mojos – Until My Baby Comes Home
4. The Ministry Of Sound – White Collar Worker
5. Katch 22 – Baby Love
6. John’s Children – Just What You Want, Just What You’ll Get
7. The Flies – I’m Not Your Stepping Stone (Demo)
8. The Birds – No Good Without You
9. The Renegades – Thirteen Women
10. The Kirkbys – It’s A Crime
11. The Mirage – Hold On
12. The Alan Bown Set – Jeu De Massacre (The Killing Game)
13. The Sorrows – Which Way
14. Hardin & York – Little Miss Blue
15. The Picadilly Line – Gone Gone Gone
16. The Salon Band – Sweet Motion
17. Sugar Simone – Take It Easy
18. Twinkle – Micky
19. Val Mckenna – I’ll Be Satisfied
20. Jacki Bond – Reviewing The Situation
21. Barbara Ruskin – Pawnbroker Pawnbroker
22. The Mckinleys – Sweet And Tender Romance
23. She Trinity – Climb That Tree
24. The Explosive – Step Out Of Line
25. Ray Singer & The Fenmen – What’s Done Has Been Done
26. Episode Six – Jak D’or

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