Madness by Ben Sherman range

by Modculture 29 November, 2010


I'm not featuring these because I like them. Far from it. But if nothing else, the Madness by Ben Sherman range is a talking point.

A rather strange collaboration between a mod-related label (at least, once upon a time) and 'bloke' band Madness, it offers up polo shirts, a Harrington jacket and some 'slogan' t-shirts that are a bit 'Frankie says…'. You'll know what I mean when you see them. I'm guessing it's Ben Sherman's flipside to Fred Perry's Specials gear. Although I can't imagine why you would launch a t-shirt driven range in the middle of winter. Then again, it is nearly Christmas…

Check out the Harrington over the page and the t-shirts on the Hip site. Those t-shirts are £25, the logo-clad polos are £40 and the Harrington, which also features a Madness logo, sells for £75. Are Madness on tour? If so, imagine they'll be selling them there too.

Find out more at the Hip website


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