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New band: The Gentlemen’s Agreements

The Gentlemen's Agreements
The Gentlemen’s Agreements
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I think the song has been available to buy for a couple of months now, but the debut release from The Gentlemen’s Agreements really is a cracker.

It’s a cover too. Or covers, if you like. The first being a fuzzy, freakbeat-y take on Richard Kent Style’s All Good Things, the b-side a take on Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels’ Sock It To Me Baby. You can hear the a-side of the 45 below.

As for the band, that seems to be a side project of various other bands, some of which we have covered here – Towerbrown, Sheetah Et Les Weissmuller, Penelope, The Fuggets and the Link Quartet. No idea if this is just a one off or if they plan more, but you can follow the band’s Facebook page to find out one way or another.

If you want to buy the 45, it’s on sale via Soundflat.

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  1. Alain Number 9

    LP now on Soundflat records

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