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New Band: Thee Attacks


It’s not hard to knock out a rehashed 60s guitar riff – the hard work is making it sound authentic. And that’s something Thee Attacks do with some style.

Hailing from Aalborg in Denmark, The Attacks describe themselves as ‘a melodic garage band of the kind you didn’t think they made anymore’ – and if you happen to be crying out for some fast-paced rhythm and blues with a rough-edged vocal, thumping drums and a guitar sound straight out of 1966, you should give them a try. Likewise if you love The Sonics, the original Nuggets box or early Who/Kinks.

But don’t take out word for it – check out the band’s MySpace page for plenty of tunes, background on the band and a step back in time. I bet they’re a cracking live act.

Thee Attacks MySpace page

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