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New Bands: The Draytones

Last week I caught The Draytones live at the 100 Club – and was very impressed.

A three-piece band with obvious 60s influences, but without the covers and cliches. They’ve had two singles out so far and a new album on the 1965 label is due out in early 2008 – with predictions of great things off the back of it.

To get an idea of the band, check out The Draytones MySpace page or watch the video below for the excellent Keep Loving Me 45. And if you like what you hear, they’re currently touring all over the UK.


  1. Nicky Bubbles

    I was fortunate to see them perform at the Fred Perry subculture gig a short while ago and i must say they are aces! A great mix of ‘rock and roll’ and ‘rhythm and blues’ with soul that i must say have a great new modernist sound.
    good luck to them, i say.

  2. Brad Bladen

    I saw them support Weller in hammersmith last night I have see a lot of bands but I havent been this excited since I saw Oasis in 93. They will be massive I know it!! Just Great Music!!

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