New book: In The Blood by Pete McKenna & Snowy

In The Blood by Pete McKenna & Snowy
In The Blood by Pete McKenna & Snowy
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I haven’t read a copy as yet, but we have just been sent details of a book that’s actually out tomorrow and might well be of interest, In The Blood by Pete McKenna & Snowy.

I believe it’s the same Pete McKenna who wrote the northern soul novel Nightshift all those years ago, but this one goes back further. The write-up, as it was sent to us, is below:

London 1967, the East End, hotbed of pleasure for music lovers, mods and those who dwell in the criminal underworld. And the 45 Club was the place to be seen.

Ronnie Hardman is a man to be feared – the right hand man of a major crime lord, he gets the job done even if it means that blood will be spilt. Only one thing can soften him; his passion for black American soul music. That is until he meets the love of his life, one special woman who turns his world around and only then does he question where his life is going and makes plans to escape from it all. But when things turn nasty in the East End, how will Ronnie react?

It is published by Austin and Macauley and covers 257 pages, with a price tag of £9.99. If you are looking for some new fiction and want to take a risk (buying pre-review), you can grab a copy on Amazon.

Find out more at the Amazon website

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  1. buy it…I like it!  snowy

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