New fanzines: Sussed issue 4 and Start issue 3

Sussed issue 4
Sussed issue 4
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If you thought the fanzine died a death when the internet got into full flow, think again. They’re still out there and still worth picking up. If you want a good place to start, check out Sussed issue 4 and Start issue 3, both of which are available now.

Let’s kick off with Sussed out of Ireland (pictured above), which is a 44-page full colour fanzine, this time covering The Blades (‘Ireland’s greatest ever band’), the ‘next big thing’ out of Ireland in the form of Gangs (talking themselves and all things mod), Sweden’s The Men, Jaymokid talking art and seven pages of reviews of 45s, LPs, box sets and movies, not to mention the usual Sussed bits and pieces.

If you want a copy, it sells for €5 with worldwide postage €3.50 or Ireland €1.50. Just PayPal the correct amount to [email protected].

Start issue 3
Start issue 3

A more recent addition to the fanzine market is Start. The third issue of this features the upcoming Blood and Carpet movie, which is a mod-inspired horror by Graham Fletcher-Cook, along with features on 1960s TV, Steve Marriott’s Top of the Pops and Espresso Mozzino. There are also interviews with The Mynd Set, Richard Barnes and Mikey Collins of Tailor Made (and formerly Friday Street).

That costs £5. If you want the issue, send an email to [email protected].

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  1. Walter Ressmeyer

    “Sussed” a great read and nice chaps to work with

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