Nightshift by Pete McKenna now available in digital format

Nightshift by Pete McKenna
Nightshift by Pete McKenna

If you’ve not read Nightshift by Pete McKenna, I would recommend it. The book was republished in 2011, although tracking one down in book format is still a tough job. But you can now get a digital copy.

It’s a take of life in the ’70s on the northern soul scene. Or more specifically, the book revolves around the northern soul scene and the Wigan Casino, kicking off with the lead character’s life as a teenager in early 70s Blackpool, painting a picture of the times.

It then moves onto his love affair with northern soul – the dancing, the record collecting, the people and everything else the lifestyle entailed.

If you have any interest in the era or the original northern soul movement, it’s well worth picking up or downloading. I read it years back and recall it being an entertaining read. Anyway, it’s now available as a Kindle download, selling for £4 from Amazon.

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