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New book: The Jam Unseen

Yet another book on The Jam – this time a book of previously-unseen images taken by Twink with the title The Jam Unseen. A limited edition is available in April (to coincide with the From The Jam tour) with an umlimited version appearing in August. Both versions feature 192 pages […]

60s Mod birthday card

Does the image look familiar? Well, it will do it you own the Mods book by Richard Barnes (an essential buy for anyone with an interest in the subject). And it’s been reproduced here for this Mods birthday card. I encountered it at the weekend in a shop in a […]

Gonks Go Beat heads to DVD

Much talked-about but rarely seen, the silly 60s pop movie Gonks Go Beat will be available for the first time on DVD from 28th May 2007. Details about the DVD release are still scarce, but this ridiculous musical version of Romeo and Juliet (featuring the rival communities of Beatland and […]

Big Breadwinner Hog – 'Mod' gangster

Big Breadwinner Hog was before my time, but I do know of the controversy surrounding this violent crime drama in the sixties. And if you want to see what the fuss was about, you can find out from 19th March 2007 when Big Breadwinner Hog is released on DVD for […]

Onitsuka Tiger Nippon 60 trainers

Definitely my favourite trainers of the moment are these Onitsuka Tiger Nippon 60 trainers, which, as the name suggests, date back to 1960. Reissued  by the company for 2007, they were designed for the Japanese delegation at the Olympics in Rome for that year. They feature a contrasting white stripe […]

New Bands: The Gonks

When bands go for a "period" sound, originality usually loses out. Thankfully, that’s not the case with The Gonks. Recently featured on Acid Jazz’s new Hipsters compilation of new mod and garage acts, the band carries off its modern-day take on an authentic 60s beat sound with some style – […]

Custom-built vintage Vespa taxi

Fancy getting into the taxi business? You could with this custom Vespa on sale at the Indoscooter website. To this eye it just looks like a bit of creative welding, involving an old car and an old Vespa, followed by a quick paint job. But I could be wrong. It […]