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Modernist Jukebox Spotify playlists volumes 1 and 2

Modernist Jukebox and Mo’ Modernist Jukebox Spotify playlists
Modernist Jukebox Spotify playlists
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Two for the price of one. Both the Modernist Jukebox Spotify playlists are worth your time.

Both are the work of Jean-Marc Vos, who some of you might well know or might be aware of from the likes of the Modculture forums of days gone by. He also DJ’d for me when I had my Manchester club night and considering I got him to come over from Belgium, you can probably work out how much time I have for the man.

His knowledge of early Mod sounds, taking in the likes of soul, R&B and blues from the late 1950s into the 1960s is up there with anyone and as a result, these playlists, which were originally put together a few years back, are well worth checking out.

If you have a Spotify account you can enjoy almost 100 songs on the original Modernist Jukebox playlist, with a further 60 songs on the follow-up, Mo’ Modernist Jukebox.

That’s a lot of tunes to keep you going through the working day or into the night and more than that, it could be something of an education too as well a great selection of tunes.

Listen via the links below…

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