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Discount Harringtons at Baracuta

I’m not sure if it’s an official sale, but there’s a lot of stock in the sale section right now at the Baracuta site, polo shirts and knitwear for example, but also a number of Harrington jackets. Specifically, the range of G9 Cool Slim Fit Harrington jackets (plus some others) […]

Baracuta G29 Longford reefer jacket

Once upon a time, you knew where you stood with Baracuta. But these days, an obsession with logos and a big increase in the company's range has made it harder to pick out the good from the not so good. The former tending to be items that don't carry a […]

Baracuta G26 Lancer trench coat

Baracuta has been back into its archives and instead of coming up with yet another variation of the Harrington, has instead produced this Baracuta G26 Lancer trench coat. It's a classic, double breasted trench coat with a tailored fit, complete with Tattersall check pattern lining, leather buckles and curved gun […]

DNA Groove slim-fit Harringtons

The Baracuta slim-fit Harrington jacket was never particularly slim-fitting, so Claudio at DNA Groove has decided to plug the gap in the market by offering up his own genuine slim-fit Harrington jacket. Four colourways available, with sizes from extra-small to large. If large isn't there yet (for your choice of […]