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V:Room club night in London


Judging by the flyer, it looks like something of a mixed bag, but if you're in the area, you might want to check out V:Room (Vintage Vinylism).

It's held every Thursday in the basement bar at Strongroom, 120-124 Curtain Rd, London, Ec2, promising everything from R&B, soul and girl groups through to psych, freakbeat and garage. See the flyer above for the full menu.

Entry is free, check out the club's MySpace site for more.

V:Room at MySpace

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  1. V:Room returns this coming Thursday 26th November with DJ Vinyl Warrior celebrating his birthday by spinning northern soul, and rnb gems, plus guest DJ Deano Spagnetti adding to the mix with mod, psych and freakbeat greats.

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