Spotify Playlists

If you want to listen to something mod-related on Spotify, look no further than our selection of Spotify playlists, which cover the whole spectrum of mod. Everything from R&B and jazz through to beat and modern-era bands.

Spotify playlist: Some mod jazz grooves

by Modculture 23 November, 2012

Jazz – the very word can have have grown men and women running to the hills in fear. But trust me, it doesn’t have to be like that. Some mod jazz grooves will hopefully put the case for the defence. Continue Reading

Spotify playlist: The Beatles get covered

by Modculture 11 October, 2012

Officially, The Beatles get covered is a Spotify playlist. Although it’s more like a collection of tracks. Continue Reading

Spotify playlist: Ska Night

by Modculture 15 August, 2012

This playlist is a bit random, as it’s a mix of tracks between myself, Dave Edwards and a number of you via the Facebook and Twitter pages. The result is a Spotify playlist called Ska Night. Continue Reading

Spotify playlist: France Goes Beat

by Modculture 8 August, 2012

This is the toughest playlist I’ve done for a while, but the France Goes Beat Spotify playlist is now available should want to give a whirl. Continue Reading

Spotify playlist: New Mod Sounds

by Modculture 31 July, 2012

Plenty of Spotify playlists with classic mod grooves, but what about new bands? Check out our New Mod Sounds Spotify playlist for plenty of that, containing in excess of 30 tracks from new and emerging bands on the mod scene. Continue Reading

Spotify playlist: Garage!

by Modculture 28 June, 2012

The title pretty much sums up the content of this Spotify playlist – Garage! Continue Reading

Spotify playlist: Mod Club

by Modculture 16 April, 2012

This is going to be biggest playlist to date – but so far, there’s ‘only’ two hours of Mod Club. Continue Reading

Spotify Playlist: KPM 100

by Modculture 12 April, 2012

Another fine selection from Spotify-master David Jackson, this time trawling the wonderful world of library music for KPM 100. Continue Reading