Fonxionaires 45 on Rowed Out label

by Modculture 5 November, 2009


Adam does a fine job of knocking out interesting new mod-friendly sounds with his Rowed Out label, with the latest 45 from the Fonxionaires being well worth a closer look.

It's a 4-track vinyl EP titled 'It's R&B Time', featuring four authentic club R&B tunes – 'Uncle Willie Time' (as featured on the 'Immediate Pleasure' CD), 'I Do The Jerk” (Bill Pinkney club soul cover), 'Drive me' (Stu Gardner’s wild R&B mover) and 'What is this' (Fred & Bobbie northern soul cover).

You can hear the first track on the label's MySpace page or if you want to buy one, it costs just £3.50 plus postage. More details at the label's website.

Rowed Out Records website

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