Awaydays the movie

by Modculture 31 March, 2009


Not particularly 'mod' (although there were some '79-era mods in the book), Kevin Sampson's superb late-70s set novel, Awaydays has become a movie, hitting cinemas on 22nd May. And we have the trailer and some images right here.

Set during the dawn of the 'football casual' era, Awaydays is in one way a tale of Tranmere Rovers' hooligan following and its meetings with other firms in the third division. But just as much (if not more), it's also a tale of the era – unemployment, drugs, fashion, clubs and the music scene of the day. If it's done well, it should be a gem.

See over the page for a couple of large stills from the movie, as well as the official trailer for it.

Awaydays official movie website



  • Brett

    hands down, best movie i’ve seen in a long, long time. the book is even more spellbinding and captivating. the actors, the directing, the soundtrack, the dialogues, the scenery, the imagery, everything. i can’t think of one thing wrong with this movie, other than that it wasn’t nearly long enough, and it could have integrated the actual settings of the match itself into the story. but i guess when you convert a book to movie, you have to cut certain corners. i highly, HIGHLY recommend this book to anyone, any age, any demographic…simply anyone.