On pre-order: Mods A Way Of Life by Patrick Potter

by Modculture 17 July, 2017

On pre-order: Mods A Way Of Life by Patrick Potter

On pre-order: Mods A Way Of Life by Patrick Potter

This has just popped onto the pre-order listings – Mods A Way Of Life by Patrick Potter.

I know nothing about this beyond the details provided by the publisher on the Amazon listing. In truth, I’ve not encountered that publisher previously either. It describes itself as a company behind ‘premium quality art and photography books littered with vitriolic and highly subjective commentary’ and as such, you would expect this mod-related book to follow the same path.

The official write-up goes like this…

Life long mods and new believers alike will love this collection of original 60s photography and captivating insight that celebrates mod culture from its birth to its flourishing contemporary scene.

Packed with fascinating shots of the original 60s mods in their halcyon days, interviews, analysis and discussion. Hear it in their own words. The essence of the mod outlook and its philosophy are presented here for new converts to discover. This, massively influential and home grown UK subculture will continue to inspire people around the world to look sharp and look forward. Here come the mods.

As I said, I can’t talk it up or down as that’s all I know and the finished item doesn’t hit the shelves until 9th April 2018. But if you are feeling brave, you can pre-order now. The book retails for £19.36.

Find out more at the Amazon website