The Modfather by David Lines

by Modculture 6 December, 2005

Modfather A new book dropped onto the modculture doormat the other day entitled "The Modfather: My Life With Paul Weller" by David Lines.

According to the cover blurb:
"Things were picking up for me. I made three brilliant new friends – Paul, Bruce and Rick…Paul especially knew what it was like to be me. We shared the sense that something quite right between us and the rest of the world and listening to Paul’s take on this made it much easier for me."

Yes, it sounds like a Nick Hornby-esque nostalgic take on growing up as a Jam (and Weller) fan.

It’s on top of the reading pile, so expect a full review in the not-too-distant future.

The book available to buy from February 2006, pubished by William Heinemann.

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