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Bronco Bullfrog – DVD/Blu-ray details


We featured one Flipside release yesterday and here are the full details of the other – Bronco Bullfrog.

We have covered it many times in the past as a movie, so if you want a breakdown of it, see this extensive gallery or read this review. If that gets your interest up, the disc is out to buy bia BFI/Flipside from 13th September. Of course, this being a Flipside release, plenty of extras thrown in, which are…

…the feature in both High Definition and Standard Definition, Everybody’s An Actor, Shakespeare Said (1968, 30 mins): Platts-Mills’ documentary about Joan Littlewood’s theatre work with the teenagers who would star in Bronco Bullfrog, Joan Littlewood interview (1968, 21 mins) discussing her career, Seven Green Bottles (Eric Marquis, 1975, 35 mins), a cautionary tale of seven young delinquents, played by non-professional actors and of course, an illustrated booklet with newly commissioned essays, photographs and film credits.

You can pre-order the dual-format disc now for £12.99. For reference, the next Flipside releases will be Private Road (1971) by Barney Platts-Mills and a double bill of Duffer (Joseph Despins, William Dumaresq, 1971) / The Moon Over the Alley (Joseph Despins, 1976) in January 2011.

Find out more about the DVD/Blu-ray at Amazon.co.uk

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