Mod-inspired buttonholes by Charlie Laurie Designs

by Modculture 2 December, 2014

Just had these sent over, what you would perhaps call mod-inspired buttonholes by Charlie Laurie Designs. Continue Reading

Dansette-style UO X Crosley Sterling record player

by Modculture 15 August, 2014

No, this isn’t an eBay find, this is actually a new design. Specifically, we’re talking the UO X Crosley Sterling record player, which has just landed in the UK. Continue Reading

Cool concept: Vespa-inspired digital camera

by Modculture 19 March, 2014

Not sure how many people use standalone digital camera these days in light of cameras on mobile phones being so good. But something like this Vespa-inspired digital camera might tempt you back in. Continue Reading

Mod for the home: Handmade target cushion at Etsy

by Modculture 11 March, 2014

Don’t ask how we spotted this, but we did indeed spot this handmade target cushion at the Etsy website. Not too expensive either. Continue Reading

Lambretta Chair by Iconic Design

by Modculture 12 December, 2013

It isn’t a new idea, Bel & Bel did it with the Vespa Chair a few years back, but the Lambretta Chair by Iconic Design (and spotted by the Lambrettista blog) is a new project. Continue Reading

Small Faces Christmas card packs by Piper Gates Design

by Modculture 29 November, 2013

That’s right, these are Small Faces Christmas cards by Piper Gates Design. Continue Reading

Kent label t-shirts from Ace Records

by Modculture 2 July, 2013

I know not everyone gets along with a t-shirt, but with a mini heatwave round the corner, it might not be a bad idea to have one or two to hand. There are more than that number at Ace Records, which has just boosted its range with these Kent label t-shirts. Continue Reading

The Mod Collection: Classic mod clothing recreated in Belgian chocolate by Valeria

by Modculture 25 June, 2013

This is an unusual one. Last week I was sent a photo of a Fred Perry in chocolate. This week I have the full Mod Collection, which is a range of mod classics made from chocolate. Continue Reading