Kitchensink and Realism

To Sir With Love

To Sir With Love (1967)

Think sixties and it’s hard to avoid the word ‘swinging’ in the same sentence. British cinema audiences of the era didn’t want misery on the big screen when they left their miserable jobs – they wanted glamour, colour and above all, entertainment.

The System

The System (The Girl Getters) (1964)

Michael Winner – an opinionated, self-obsessed, bloated food critic and part-time insurance salesman. Where did it all go wrong? After all, this was a man responsible for some of British cinema’s finest moments in the 1960s – and you can count The System as one of those.

The Leather Boys

The Leather Boys (1963)

On the face of it, The Leather Boys is about bikers. But it could have been about mods, rockers, teds or any youth cult of the age – because that’s just background. The Leather Boys is actually a movie about relationships.