Tony Palmer - The Wigan Casino (1977)

Tony Palmer – The Wigan Casino (1977)

The Wigan Casino meant nothing to me at the time. I was too young, Lego and Subbuteo were my kicks, but I was still aware of it, with two older sisters who used to make the short journey from Bolton to Wigan every weekend.

Gonks Go Beat

Gonks Go Beat (1965)

Gonks Go Beat has achieved near-mythical status – despite (or perhaps because of) the fact that no-one has seen it. Well, now we have the chance to see the movie in all its remastered glory, thanks to a reissue as part of Optimum’s Beat Classics collection.

Pop Gear

Pop Gear (1965)

The final instalment (for now) of Optimum’s 60s Beat Classics series is a film in name only  – essentially Pop Gear is just one long music show.


Help! (1965)

In Help!, Ringo is bizarrely the human sacrifice target of a cult and the band must try to protect him from it.