Swinging Sixties

Catch Us If You Can

Catch Us If You Can (1965)

If you were anyone in the 1960s, the hit single and album was followed by the cash-in movie. These were quick cash-ins, not intended for longevity or as a cinematic masterpiece. But 40 years on and most of them around, with Catch Us If You Can (known in the US […]

Gonks Go Beat

Gonks Go Beat (1965)

Gonks Go Beat has achieved near-mythical status – despite (or perhaps because of) the fact that no-one has seen it. Well, now we have the chance to see the movie in all its remastered glory, thanks to a reissue as part of Optimum’s Beat Classics collection.


Help! (1965)

In Help!, Ringo is bizarrely the human sacrifice target of a cult and the band must try to protect him from it.