BBC Culture Show: Northern Soul – Keep the Faith

by Modculture 20 September, 2013

One for the diary, with the BBC Culture Show soon to be showing a special called Northern Soul – Keep the Faith. Continue Reading

Patrick McGoohan season at the BFI

by Modculture 30 June, 2013

Yes, the man from The Prisoner. But there’s a lot more than that at the Patrick McGoohan season at the BFI. Continue Reading

BBC Two to screen restored Rolling Stones’ Charlie Is My Darling movie

by Modculture 2 November, 2012

If you can’t afford the Super Deluxe Edition box set, you can have a viewing of the newly-restored Rolling Stones’ Charlie Is My Darling movie for free – by turning on your TV. Continue Reading

Quadrophenia Night on BBC 4

by Modculture 22 June, 2012

If you are in the UK – and a fan of The Who – you might want to stay in or set record for Quadrophenia Night on BBC 4, a night of programmes themed around the album and screening on 29th June 2012. Continue Reading

Fred Perry Presents Subculture: This Is The Modern World

by Modculture 29 May, 2012

I know the channel has been making and researching the shows for a while, but the Fred Perry Presents Subculture series finally starts this week. Continue Reading

Tony Palmer – The Wigan Casino (1977)

by Modculture 15 April, 2012

The Wigan Casino meant nothing to me at the time. I was too young, Lego and Subbuteo were my kicks, but I was still aware of it, with two older sisters who used to make the short journey from Bolton to Wigan every weekend. Continue Reading

Tempo – ITV’s 1960s arts show gets a DVD reissue from Network

by Modculture 20 March, 2012

The words ‘ITV’ and ‘arts’ might not sit comfortably in the same sentence these days, but once upon a time they did – and Tempo was the trailblazer. Continue Reading

The Avengers 50th anniversary evening

by Modculture 11 November, 2011

Fancy watching The Avengers on the big screen? You can on Wednesday 30th November at The Avengers 50th Anniversary Evening.

Continue Reading