Friday On My Mind – 2nd edition


Regular readers might well be familiar with Friday On My Mind by Don Hughes, but if you've not yet picked up a copy, you might like to know thay a 2nd edition has been published.

if you missed it, it's one man's tale of life as a mod in the 60s – from his childhood in the 50s, his mod years of the 60s and the end of the scene towards the end of that decade. You can check out a review here.

The new version is cheaper (£12.99 + £3 P&P), lighter and has an improved photo section and revised text from the original. You can get a copy by initially emailing [email protected] – although copies are also available to buy online on eBay. Just make sure the listing says it's a 2nd edition.

Order the book via the eBay website

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