Gabicci Vintage online clearance sale


Look past the strange catalogue-like models on the page, if you want some Gabicci Vintage clobber very cheap, it's available online at reduced prices right now.

Plenty of 60s-inspired knitwear, including zip cardigans and long-sleeve tops. Typically for Gabicci, there's some pretty nasty stuff mixed in too, but if you like their classic tops, you'll find some bargains – typically £100 price tags for items like the ones above have been cut to £30 – £40.

You'll have to register at Secret Sales to get into the sale (like the Brand Alley one from earlier in the week), but that takes less than a minute (as I did it earlier myself). But it's a once-only registration, after that you can go back as many times as you like.

Visit the Gabicci Vintage sale at Secret Sales

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